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Totus2us is giving voice to faith, hope and love from all around the world, especially among St John Paul IIBenedict XVI & Pope Francis's 'dearest young people'. Dedicated to Our Lady, Totus2us wants to highlight what's good, true and beautiful, to help us to pray and not be afraid to follow Jesus Christ. There are voices from 127 countries on over 40 audio Totus2us podcasts. All free, all with music and on Totus2us RSS feeds, Spotify and iTunes (& other providers we can't keep up with :o) Most mp3 episodes are under 10 minutes and fall broadly into 3 areas: prayer (faith / way), Catholic teaching (hope / truth) and witness (love / life).

Some of the feast days this month: 14th April - Palm Sunday  18th April - Holy Thursday
19th April - Good Friday - beginning of Divine Mercy Novena  20th April - Holy Saturday
21st April - Easter Sunday (1st day of Easter Octave)   28th April - Feast of Divine Mercy (8th day of Easter Octave)

The Divine Mercy Novena
Holy Saturday - Day 2           (+ chaplet)  

"Today bring to Me the souls of priests and religious and immerse them in My unfathomable mercy. It was they who gave Me strength to endure My bitter Passion. Through them as through channels My mercy flows out upon mankind."

Most Merciful Jesus, from whom comes all that is good, increase Your grace in men and women consecrated to Your service, that they may perform worthy works of mercy, and that all who see them may glorify the Father of Mercy who is in heaven.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the company of chosen ones in Your vineyard - upon the souls of priests and religious; and endow them with the strength of Your blessing. For the love of the Heart of Your Son in which they are enfolded, impart to them Your power and light, that they may be able to guide others in the way of salvation, and with one voice sing praise to Your boundless mercy for ages without end. Amen.

Novena a la Divina Misericordia - en español
Sábado Santo - Día 2

"Hoy tráeme a las almas de los sacerdotes y las almas de los religiosos, y sumérgelas en Mi misericordia insondable. Fueron ellas las que Me dieron fortaleza para soportar Mi amarga Pasión. A través de ellas, como a través de canales, Mi Misericordia fluye hacia la humanidad."

Jesús Misericordiosísimo, de quien procede todo bien, aumenta Tu gracia en nosotros para que realicemos dignas obras de misericordia, de manera que todos aquellos que nos vean, glorifiquen al Padre de Misericordia que está en el Cielo.

Padre eterno, mira con misericordia al grupo elegido de tu viña, a las almas de los sacerdotes y a las almas de los religiosos; otórgales el poder de tu bendición. Por el amor del Corazón de tu Hijo, en el cual están encerradas, concédeles el poder de tu luz para que puedan guiar a otros en el camino de la salvación y a una sola voz canten alabanzas a tu misericordia sin límite por los siglos de los siglos. Amén.

Neuvaine à la Miséricorde Divine - en français
samedi Saint - Jour 2

"Aujourd’hui amène-moi les âmes sacerdotales et religieuses, et immerge-les dans mon insondable miséricorde. Elles m’ont donné la force d’endurer mon amère passion, par elles comme par des canaux, ma miséricorde se déverse sur l’humanité"

Très miséricordieux Jésus, de qui provient tout ce qui est bon, multiplie Tes grâces en nous, afin que nous accomplissions de dignes actes de miséricorde, pour que ceux qui nous regardent, glorifient le Père de miséricorde qui est au ciel.

Père Eternel, jette un regard de miséricorde sur ce groupe d’élus de Ta vigne, les âmes sacerdotales et religieuses, et comble-les de la puissance de Ta bénédiction, et par le sentiment du Cœur de Ton Fils dans lequel elles sont enfermées, accorde leur la force de Ta lumière, afin qu’elles puissent guider les autres sur les chemins du salut, pour chanter ensemble la gloire de Ton insondable miséricorde pour l’éternité. Amen.

La Novena alla Divina Misericordia - in italiano
Sabato Santo - Giorno 2

"Oggi conduciMi le anime dei sacerdoti e le anime dei religiosi e immergile nella Mia insondabile Misericordia. Essi Mi hanno dato la forza di superare l'amara Passione. Per mezzo loro come per mezzo di canali, la Mia Misericordia scende sull'umanità."

Misericordiosissimo Gesù, da cui proviene ogni bene, aumenta in noi la grazia, affinché compiamo degne opere di Misericordia, in modo che quanti ci osservano lodino il Padre della Misericordia che è nei cieli.

La fonte dell'amore di Dio, Alberga nei cuori limpidi, Purificati nel mare della Misericordia, Luminosi come le stelle, chiari come l'aurora.

Eterno Padre, guarda con gli occhi della Tua misericordia la schiera eletta per la Tua vigna, le anime dei sacerdoti e le anime dei religiosi, e dona loro la potenza della Tua benedizione, e per i sentimenti del Cuore del Figlio Tuo, il Cuore in cui essi sono racchiusi, concedi loro la potenza della Tua luce, affinché possano guidare gli altri sulla via della salvezza, in modo da poter cantare assieme per tutta l’eternità le lodi della Tua Misericordia infinita. Amen.

Novena a Divina Misericordia - em português
Sexta-feira Santa - Dia 2

"Hoje, traze-Me as almas dos sacerdotes e religiosos e mergulha-as na Minha insondável misericórdia. Elas Me deram força para suportar a amarga Paixão. Por elas, como por canais, corre para a humanidade a minha Misericórdia."

A fonte do amor divino, Mora nos corações puros, Banhados no mar da misericórdia, Brilhantes como as estrelas, luminosos como a aurora.

Eterno Pai, olhai com misericórdia para toda Humanidade, encerrada no Coração compassivo de Jesus, mas especialmente para os pobres pecadores. Pela Sua dolorosa Paixão mostrai-nos a Vossa misericórdia, para que glorifiquemos a onipotência da Vossa misericórdia, pelos séculos dos séculos. Amém.

The Divine Mercy chaplet is also here on Totus2us in Arabic, Czech, German, Greek, Latin, Polish & Slovak.

Today's something about Mary

is by Johannes, who's from Munich, Germany      

"I was thinking about Adam and the first sin, the original sin, and Mary is like the 'original yes'. Mary is even more powerful than the 'no' of Adam. The original yes is influencing all of us and she is protecting this little, little, tiny little 'yes' which we say and helping this 'yes' to grow, helping us with her motherly love to grow to become a true disciple like she was and is."

On Sunday 13 October 2013, Pope Francis consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in front of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in St Peter's Square. In June 1981 (just a month after the assasination attempt on JPII on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima), it was reported the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to 6 children in Medjugorje (in what was then communist Yugoslavia), introducing herself to them as the 'Queen of Peace'. The 6 visionaries say she has been appearing every day since.

Words of Hope - Sharing in Mary's Joy     

Fr Dominic Faure: "So the first dimension of the joy of Christ: to be in the Father, from the Father, turned towards Him and that’s the Prologue of the Gospel of John. And the second dimension of the joy of Christ is a joy towards us and there there are many, many moments in the Gospel where we see that, especially in St Luke, all the parables on mercy …. It’s a joy of giving. I was going to say thanks to the Incarnation and the Redemption, Jesus can manifest and experience in his humanity a new joy, the joy of giving. As a Son his joy is first of all to receive and as a Son Incarnate Redeemer it is also the joy of giving, giving mercy, giving mercy, giving mercy. The joy of receiving from the source and the joy of becoming also a source for us."

Papa St JPII's Message for Lent 1979    

You ask: “What has become of Lent?” You think that the relatively small renunciation of food does not mean much when so many of our brothers and sisters, victims of wars and catastrophes, suffer so much, physically and morally.

Fasting concerns personal asceticism, which is always necessary, but the Church asks the baptized to characterize this liturgical time also in another way. Indeed, Lent has for us a precise meaning: it must manifest to the eyes of the world that the entire People of God, as sinners, is preparing itself in Penance to re-live liturgically the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. This public and collective witness has its own source in the spirit of Penance of each one of us and it also leads us to deepen interiorly this behaviour and better motivate it.

To renounce does not mean only to give that which is superfluous, but sometimes also that which is necessary, like the widow in the Gospel who knew that her very mite was already a gift received from God. To renounce means to free oneself from the slavery of a civilization that pushes us more and more to comfort and consumption, without any concern even for the preservation of our environment, the common heritage of humanity. ...

Papa St JPII's homily at Mass in Drogheda    
Ireland, 29 September 1979

"I join my voice today to the voice of Paul VI and my other predecessors, to the voices of your religious leaders, to the voices of all men and women of reason, and I proclaim, with the conviction of my faith in Christ and with an awareness of my mission, that violence is evil, that violence is unacceptable as a solution to problems, that violence is unworthy of man. Violence is a lie, for it goes against the truth of our faith, the truth of our humanity. Violence destroys what it claims to defend: the dignity, the life, the freedom of human beings. Violence is a crime against humanity, for it destroys the very fabric of society. I pray with you that the moral sense and Christian conviction of Irish men and women may never become obscured and blunted by the lie of violence, that nobody may ever call murder by any other name than murder, that the spiral of violence may never be given the distinction of unavoidable logic or necessary retaliation. Let us remember that the word remains for ever: "All who take the sword will perish by the sword".

10. There is another word that must be part of the vocabulary of of every Christian, especially when barriers of hate and mistrust have been constructed. This word is reconciliation. "So if you are offering your gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift" (Mt 5, 23-24). This command of Jesus is stronger than any barrier that human inadequacy or malice can build. Even when our belief in the fundamental goodness of every human being has been shaken or undermined, even if long-held convictions and attitudes have hardened our hearts, there is one source of power that is stronger than every disappointment, bitterness or ingrained mistrust, and that power is Jesus Christ, who brought forgiveness and reconciliation to the world."

To be a Pilgrim

Lucy, 20 & from England was a pilgrim on the Camino from Le Puy      

"I’d prayed a prayer that was out of my heart but I knew it was stupid to pray, but God like fulfilled that in a way that just really lifted our hearts and gave us that courage and strength that we needed to know that on this Camino He was really with us and Our Lady was really with us - she’d been listening to our rosary and she was there waiting for us in that little stable. .. It was very special and very beautiful."

In Memory of Me      

Klara, 30 & from the Czech Republic: "The Eucharist for me is beyond words. I often when I look at the Host I think about the fact that it’s just bare flesh, the heart of Jesus, and that God is so extremely humble that He comes to us in this way, that He cuts out a piece of his heart and gives it to us and at our disposal, and there are people that are doing bad things to the Eucharist and He still allows us to take Him because He loves us so much."

Incredible Saint Charbel Makhlouf      

Denise, from England: "I really feel that St Charbel is one of the special saints for this time in the history of the Church. At the Vatican he is the number one miracle worker through his intercession .. so heaven itself is putting a spotlight on this saint. .. St Charbel during his life would actually pray very much for the Jews, for the Muslims and for all the faiths in the Middle East. So if you want a really powerful saint to pray for peace in the Middle East, please pray to St Charbel."

JPII Catechesis on the Cardinal Virtues - Fortitude 

JPII: "The virtue of fortitude always requires a certain overcoming of human weakness and above all of fear. Man in fact, by nature, spontaneously fears danger, displeasure, suffering. Hence courageous men and women need to be sought not only on battlefields, but also in hospital wards or on a bed of pain. Such men and women could often be encountered in concentration camps and in places of deportation. They were authentic heroes.

Fear sometimes strips civil courage from people who are living in a climate of threat, oppression or persecution. So those who are capable of crossing the so-called barrier of fear, in order to bear witness to the truth and to justice, have particular value. To reach such fortitude, man must in a certain way "go beyond" his own limits and "overcome" himself, running "the risk" of an unknown situation, the risk of being disliked, the risk of exposing himself to unpleasant consequences, insults, degradations, material losses, perhaps imprisonment or persecution. To reach such fortitude, man must be sustained by a great love for the truth and for the good, to which he dedicates himself. The virtue of fortitude proceeds hand in hand with the capacity to sacrifice oneself. This virtue already had a well-defined profile among the Ancients. With Christ it acquired an evangelical, Christian profile. The Gospel is addressed to the weak, the poor, the meek and humble, the peacemakers, the merciful and, at the same time, contains in itself a constant call to fortitude. It often repeats: "Do not be afraid" (Mt 14, 27). It teaches man that, for a just cause, for truth, for justice, one must know how to "give one's own life" (Jn 15, 13).
" (15 Nov 1978)

Man for Others      

Father Vincent Dike, from Nigeria: "So my prayer, my ordination, my priesthood and my vocation I would say came from my mum, who had been praying earnestly, just like St Monica, the mother of St Augustine. But as a person going through the seminary I remember taking a decision after my junior seminary that I wanted to be a priest. This was when I was 19 years old, I was in the senior seminary and I asked God, 'If you know I will be a good priest, please call me to your altar; and if you know I cannot make this, please help me to go and help out my family in any way your want.' And this journey has been amazing. And now 22 years a priest, I'm happy, I'm joyful, I'm enjoying every moment of it."

Go in Peace      

Leon, 35 & from the Philippines: "Very often we hear arguments: why do I have to go to a priest, why do I have to speak my sins? Well, you see, this is not a draconian requirement put on us by Our Lord but actually a sign of his love, that he has wanted to speak the language of the senses, the language of words and with those languages .. he has wanted to say to us 'I absolve you of your sins. I forgive you.' So that with the very ears with which hear the car horns on the street, the very ears with which we hear the most mundane things, we can hear his mercy. And his mercy spoken specifically to our own words, our own description of our sins. .. That's confession!"

TOP CHAT with Fr Peter Walters      

about his apostolate in Colombia with street-children and the work of the charity Let the Children Live.

"The story really starts back in 1982 when I was a student and I was interested in South America and I saw a cut price deal on an air fare to Colombia and I thought 'Great. I'll go there." And I  went over there on holiday and that was when things started to happen. I got stuck over there because I had a problem with my ticket and I couldn't come back when I wanted to. I could only afford to eat once every two days and one day when I wasn't eating I bumped into a group of children who were begging in the street. Once they realised that I hadn't got any money when they asked me for money and that I was hungrier than they were, they decided to adopt me and they shared their food with me and looked after me. Their kindness, their humanity, moved me enormously. ... For me the encounter with the children was actually a very spiritual thing because I felt that somehow through them God was reaching out to look out for me where I was thousands of miles away from home. I'd got myself into a silly mess, it was all my own fault, and yet I wasn't alone, and yet God was caring for me through these children. And it made me think 'Why wasn't anyone doing anything to help these children?'"


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All around the world - our universal Catholic faith

You can listen by country to the witness given, by young people in particular, on Totus2us podcasts. Countries represented so far are: Albania, Angola, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkino Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, DR Congo, Congo-Brazaville, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech RepublicDominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Finland, France, the Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, UK, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Countries not included above which Pope Francis, Papa Benedict XVI, St John Paul II &/or Bl Paul VI have visited: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belize, Botswana, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Curaçao, Denmark, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Fiji Islands, Gabon, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iceland, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Palestine, Papua-New Guinea, La Réunion, San Marino, Sao Tome & Principe, Solomon Islands, Swaziland, Tunisia & Uruguay.

Our Lady's message through Mirjana Soldo:
Medjugorje, 2 September 2018

"Dear children, My words are simple but are filled with motherly love and care. My children, all the more the shadows of darkness and deception are being cast over you, and I am calling you to the light and truth — I am calling you to my Son. Only He can transform despair and suffering into peace and clarity; only He can give hope in the deepest pain. My Son is the life of the world. The more that you come to know Him — the more that you come close to Him — all the more you will love Him, because my Son is love. Love changes everything; it makes most beautiful also that which, without love, seems insignificant to you. That is why, anew, I am saying to you that you must love a lot if you desire to grow spiritually. I know, apostles of my love, that it is not always easy, but, my children, also the painful paths are paths which lead to spiritual growth, to faith, and to my Son. My children, pray — think of my Son. In all the moments of the day, raise your soul to Him, and I will gather your prayers as flowers from the most beautiful garden and give them as a gift to my Son. Be true apostles of my love; spread the love of my Son to everyone. Be gardens of the most beautiful flowers. With your prayers help your shepherds that they may be spiritual fathers filled with love for all people. Thank you."

Totus Tuus, Totus2us   

Totus Tuus - Totally Yours - was St John Paul II's motto, having entrusted his life, his priesthood, his all to Mary. Totus2us is being built with the same intention: to be all Mary's. The play on lettering gives Totus2us a 2nd meaning - Everything2us - as that is what Mary means to us.

This mosaic of the Madonna and Christ Child is on the front of the Apostolic Palace in St Peter's Square (near the Pope's window for the Angelus prayer). Beneath it is John Paul II's coat of arms and his motto, Totus Tuus; and beneath this is written MATER ECCLESIAE - Mother of the Church.

It is a tribute John Paul II wanted to make to Mary for her having saved his life in the assassination attempt on 13th May 1981, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. Just 6 months later, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, John Paul II blessed the mosaic, a "sign of the heavenly protection of the Sovereign Pontiff, of the Church and of those who are in St Peter's Square."