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The Resurrection

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1st Glorious Mystery of the Rosary   ¤

Reading from Scripture: John 20: v1-10

It was very early on the first day of the week and still dark, when Mary of Magdala came to the tomb. She saw that the stone had been moved away from the tomb and came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved. "They have taken the Lord out of the tomb" she said "and we don't know where they have put him."

So Peter set out with the other disciple to go to the tomb. They ran together but the other disciple, running faster than Peter, reached the tomb first; he bent down and saw the linen cloths lying on the ground, but did not go in. Simon Peter who was following now came up, went right into the tomb, saw the linen cloths on the ground, and also the cloth that had been over his head; this was not with the linen cloths but rolled up in a place by itself. Then the other disciple who had reached the tomb first also went in; he saw and he believed. Till this moment they had failed to understand the teaching of scripture, that he must rise from the dead. The disciples then went home again.

Meditation: Mary and the disciples are overjoyed at the Resurrection. Jesus is truly risen. The way is open for us to Heaven. My Redeemer, you alone are the Holy One; you alone are the Lord; you alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ.

Eternal Father, by the merits of your Son's resurrection, may we all come to share in the divinity of Christ, who humbled himself to share in our humanity.  With all our brothers and sisters, I bend my knee and proclaim you my Lord and my God.
Mary, my Mother, may your Son come to life in my mind, in my heart and in my soul.

Our Father ... Hail Mary (x10) ... Glory be ... O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven especially those who have most need of thy mercy.

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La Risurrezione di Gesù

Primo Mistero Glorioso del Santo Rosario    ¤

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La Resurrección

Primer Misterio Glorioso del Santo Rosario    ¤

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La Résurrection

Premier Mystère Glorieux du Saint Rosaire avec Fr Charles Marie CSJ   ¤

First Glorious Mystery of the Holy Rosary with Br Charles Mary CSJ   ¤

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3 2us by Fr Martin Sabathé CSJ   ¤

"The Holy Spirit guided John so that he could see beyond the visible, so that he could see the invisible. That is the mystery of Jesus, the Son of God, the Word of God. And the risen Jesus is in a way the Son of God fully expressed in his humanity and to reach the Son of God, the mystery of the Word of God made flesh, John needed the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave him this light, so that he could see, and helped him to believe. And that is for us. We need the Holy Spirit to make this act of faith in the risen Christ. To meet Jesus in our faith, we do have to call on the Holy Spirit - please, Holy Spirit, come. Come into my heart, pour your light and your love into my heart so that I am able to make an act of faith which is to discern the presence of Jesus, whereas I do not see him."

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3 2us by Archbishop Vincent Nichols    ¤

"This risen Christ is a leader. He's not risen off to some distant place where we can only look at him from afar but he's now an energetic, revitalised leader and he leads us primarily to his Father but asking us, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to make that pathway clear through the time in which we live. So we are, on this day, called to begin to share in his mission. That's what Eastertide is about - we are to understand our call to share in the mission of the risen Christ and the gift we're given to do that is the gift of the Holy Spirit... Suddenly the parameters of our vision have been blown open and we no longer look on life as just a series of separate todays but we look on it in the perspective of eternity and we know our destiny: He is risen, the first fruits of a new creation, of which we will most certainly share and when we see that, then we know where our true hope lies. And so we sing today "Alleluia, the Lord is risen."  Let us give Him the praise and the glory and be part of His saving work today."

Blessed John Paul II's reflection on Easter
- in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish

1. The Easter Sequence takes up the proclamation of hope that rang out at the solemn Easter Vigil: "The Lord of life was dead; now, alive, he triumphs", and gives it a new impact. These words guide the reflection of our meeting which is taking place in the luminous atmosphere of the Octave of Easter.

Christ triumphs over evil and death. This is the cry of joy that bursts from the heart of the Church during these days. Victorious over death, Jesus offers to those who accept and believe in him the gift of life that dies no longer. His death and his Resurrection therefore constitute the foundations of the Church's faith.

2. The Gospel narratives refer, sometimes in rich detail, to the meetings of the Risen Lord with the women who hurried to the tomb, and later, with the Apostles. As eye-witnesses, it is precisely they who were to be the first to proclaim the Gospel of his death and Resurrection. After Pentecost, they were to affirm fearlessly that what the Scriptures say about the Promised Messiah is fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth.

The Church, the depository of this universal mystery of salvation, passes it on from generation to generation to the men and women of every time and place. In our time too, with the commitment of believers, we must make the proclamation of Christ, who through the power of his Spirit now lives triumphant, ring out clearly.

3. So that Christians may properly carry out this mandate entrusted to them, it is indispensable that they have a personal encounter with Christ, crucified and risen, and let the power of his love transform them. When this happens, sadness changes to joy and fear gives way to missionary enthusiasm.

John the Evangelist, for example, tells us of the Risen Christ's moving meeting with Mary Magdalene, who, having gone very early to the tomb, finds the sepulchre open and empty. She fears that the body of the Lord may have been stolen, so she is upset and weeps. But suddenly someone whom she supposes to be "the gardener" calls her by name: "Mary!". She then recognizes him as the Teacher, "Rabboni", and recovering quickly from her distress and bewilderment, runs immediately to announce this news enthusiastically to the Eleven: "I have seen the Lord" (cf. Jn 20: 11-18).

4. "Christ my hope is arisen". With these words, the Sequence highlights an aspect of the paschal mystery that men and women today need to understand more deeply. Perturbed by latent threats of violence and death, people are in search of someone who will give them peace and security. But where can they find peace other than in the innocent Christ who reconciled sinners with the Father?

On Calvary, Divine Mercy manifested his face of love and forgiveness for everyone. In the Upper Room after his Resurrection, Jesus entrusted the Apostles with the task of being ministers of this mercy, a source of reconciliation among men and women.

St Faustina Kowalska in her humility was chosen to proclaim this message of light that is particularly fitting for the world of today. It is a message of hope that invites us to abandon ourselves in the hands of the Lord. "Jesus, I trust in you!", the saint liked to repeat.In her humility, May Mary, Woman of Hope and Mother of Mercy, obtain for us to personally encounter her Son, who died and rose! May she make of us tireless workers for his mercy and his peace.

JPII - General Audience, Wednesday 14 April 2004