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The Church: Mystery, Sacrament, Community

Here are the catecheses on the Church which Pope St John Paul II gave us at the Wednesday General Audiences between July 1991 & August 1995. They followed on from JPII's catechesis on the Father, Son & Holy Spirit and preceded those on Mary.

There were 137 catechesis in this cycle:
Links included for the texts in Italian & Spanish (& a few Portuguese & French) on the Vatican website. The English text is from the Vatican website easy-to-miss, special section ... which Totus2us came by via the website Catechesis of the Popes. The titles aren't from the original Italian, but were included in book form, published by Pauline Books & Media, now out of print.

The Mystery of the Church in the Plan of God

  1.    Christ founded the Catholic Church
  2.    Christ's call establishes the Church
  3.    Christ and the Church are inseparable
  4.    God's plan for the Church is eternal
  5.    The Church in the Old Testament
  6.    The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Christ
  7.    The Church is also a historical fact
  8.    The Church is revealed in parables
  9.    Parables reveal the Church's growth
 10    The birth of the Church at Pentecost
 11    The Church Lives in the Trinity's Love
 12    God made a covenant with Israel
 13    The Church is the new people of God
 14    The Church is universal by nature
 15    The Church is the body of Christ
 16    The Church has a sacramental nature
 17    Mary's "yes" is the start of the new covenant
 18    Jesus is the bridegroom of his people
 19    Christ loves his bride, the Church
 20    The Spirit and the bride say "Come"
 21    The Church is a communio of love
 22    The Church: a communio of prayer
 23    The Church lives in the mystery of communio
 24    The call to holiness is essential for the Church
 25    The Church is a priestly community
 26    Baptism: entry into the life of grace
 27    Confirmation perfects baptismal grace
 28    The Eucharist is the source of the Church's life
 29    Penance in the ecclesial community
 30    Anointing brings spiritual healing
 31    Christ made marriage a Sacrament
 32    The Church is a prophetic community
 33    The Church bears witness to Christ
 34    The Church witnesses to Gospel hope
 35    The Church witnesses to Jesus' love
 36    The role of charisms in the Church's life

The Ministry of Bishops

 37    The Church is a structured society
 38    Bishops are successors of the Apostles
 39    Bishops are consecrated by a Sacrament
 40    Bishops express the unity of the Church
 41    Bishops teach, sanctify and govern
 42    Bishops are heralds of the Gospel
 43    Bishops are stewards of God's grace
 44    Bishops govern their local churches
 45    Christ builds his Church on Peter
 46    Peter strengthens his brothers in faith
 47    Peter is charged with feeding the sheep
 48    Peter ranks first among the Apostles
 49    Peter allowed Gentiles to be baptized
 50    The Bishop of Rome is Peter's successor
 51    The Pope exercises supreme jurisdiction
 52    The Roman Pontiff is the supreme teacher
 53    The successor of Peter teaches infallibly
 54    The Holy Spirit assists the Roman Pontiff

The Ministry of Priests and Deacons

 55    Presbyters share in Christ's priesthood
 56    Priests exercise a ministry of preaching
 57    Priests sanctify through the Sacraments
 58    Priests are ordained to celebrate Mass
 59    The priest is a shepherd to the community
 60    The priesthood requires personal holiness
 61    Priests must be devoted to prayer
 62    The Eucharist is at the heart of the priest's spirituality
 63    Priests must foster devotion to Mary
 64    The priest is called to be a man of charity
 65    The Church is committed to priestly celibacy
 66    Christ is the model of priestly poverty
 67    Priests do not have a political mission
 68    Bishops and priests must be united
 69    Priestly obedience is an act of charity
 70    Priestly fraternity means cooperation
 71    The priest must serve Christ's flock
 72    The harvest is great, but the workers are few
 73    Deacons serve the Kingdom of God
 74    The deacon has many pastoral functions
 75    Deacons are called to a life of holiness

The Role of the Laity

 76    The laity have full membership in the Church
 77    The laity fulfill their calling in the world
 78    Jesus' earthly life is a model for the laity
 79    The laity answer God's call in a variety of ways
 80    Lay spirituality is rooted in Christ
 81    The laity share in the priesthood of Christ
 82    The laity witness to the power of the Gospel
 83    The laity work to spread the Kingdom
 84    The laity share in the Church's saving mission
 85    Lay charisms build up the Church
 86    The laity witness to Christ in the world
 87    Lay groups promote the Church's mission
 88    The laity are called to renew the temporal order
 89    Human work involves sharing in Christ's mission
 90    The Lord sanctifies those who suffer
 91    The Church sees Christ's fact in the sick
 92    Woman's dignity must be respected
 93    Women bear an effective witness to faith
 94    Women are essential to the Church's mission
 95    Mothers share in God's creative work
 96    Women and the ministerial priesthood
 97    Married life is a true way of holiness
 98    Single people contribute to the Church's holiness
 99    Children are a special gift to the Church
100   Young peoples involvement in the lay apostolate
101   The elderly can devote themselves to the community or parish
102   The Spirit bestows abundant lay charisms

Consecrated Life

103   Religious intensely live their baptismal vows
104   The Spirit continues giving new charisms
105   Jesus' will is the origin of consecrated life
106   Prayer is the answer to the vocation shortage
107   Consecrated life is rooted in Baptism
108   Gospel counsels are a way of perfection
109   Chastity for the sake of the kingdom
110   A witness to spousal love for the Church
111   How blest are the poor in spirit
112   Religious offer their own wills to God
113   Common life is modeled on the early Church
114   Prayer is the one thing necessary
115   Religious serve the growth of God's reign
116   A witness to the world's true destiny
117   Religious life can greatly assist priests
118   The role of lay religious in the Church
119   Women religious faithfully serve Christ
120   The Holy Spirit is the soul of community life
121   Mary shows the nobility of virginity

Missionary activity and unity among Christians

122   The Apostles were sent into the whole world
123   The Church is missionary by her nature
124   The Church preaches the Gospel to the end of time
125   The Church cannot abandon mission work
126   Missionary activity remains urgent
127   The Church perseveres in her mission
128   All salvation comes through Christ
129   Local Churches have a missionary task
130   The Church shares the hopes of the human family
131   Unity results from legitimate diversity
132   All must strive for the goal of full unity
133   Recognize the importance of prayer
134   Unity is furthered by continual renewal
135   Vatican II praised Eastern traditions
136   Dialogue with reform communities
137   Full Christian unity can be achieved